About the Course -

Selenium is a suite of tools to automate web browsers for mainly testing purposes. It has a flexibility of working with different platforms and programming languages. We have placed more than 300 Candidates as Selenium tester in MNC’s.


Manual testing for every small part of the application is time-consuming. For example, to manually test UserID login for several IDs with the correct password, will take a lot of time and efforts. Instead, we can write a test script and Selenium will automatically perform the tests on the basis of the code.


Selenium has four components known as WebDrive, Selenium RC (Remote Control), Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid. You can create robust browser-based regression automation test with these Selenium tools. Selenium WebDriver is a successor of Selenium RC both of which have built-in grid capabilities. This helps us scale and distribute scripts across many environments.


Selenium Grid enables us to conduct the test on multiple browsers at the same time which minimizes the execution time. Selenium IDE is a Firefox add-on which features record and playback of interaction with the browser.


This course is structured to give detailed knowledge of all the aspects of Selenium, and it’s working with different platforms and different programming languages.

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Course Objectives -

• Introduction to Automation Testing

• Web Technologies

• Selenium IDE

• Selenium RC

• Eclipse

• WebDriver

• Grid

• Frameworks (TestNG & JUnit)

• JavaScript & Java